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Operatic anthology

Kurt Adler

Quite old fashioned looking i.e note stems are not joined so if you’re used to reading joined notes

It throws you a bit.

Fairly small notation

Translations are included so you have the option of singing in English or original language.

Transliteration for Lenski’s aria.

Piano accompaniments vary in difficulty,

Ah si ben mio is written a tone down in G.

Wide selection of arias.

Worth getting for the content and translations.

Tenor songs

Big script and note systems


Note heads are beamed making it easy to read on some songs

Composer’s original accompaniments

Good selection of songs though some obscure but worth getting to know.


G Shirmers Opera Scores

Various titles

Quite old fashioned notation and script makes it a bit hard to follow

English translations can be a bit awkward

Most people use these to sing from and widely available

Tenor arias

Bram  Wiggins

Accompaniments are straight forward and not too difficult to play.

Contextual notes.

Brief translation of lyrics.

Fairly big note systems which make it easy to read.

The tenor line mostly sticks to an A as its highest note, so choose whether to sing higher or not e.g. top C in che gelida manina.

The tenor line is written with joined stems, which makes it easy to read from which is great.

There is only one verse of La donna e mobile.

Translations aren’t included

Very user friendly score.

Oratorio Anthology

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